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Welcome to Tambo Viejo guesthouse!
Tambo Viejo opened is open since 1996. We are a small bed and breakfast. Since that time we have received visitors from around the world and we have made unforgetable friends. We are happy to see many of those guests back at Tambo Viejo each year.

Recommendations from our happy guests "mouth to mouth" has helped us to be well recommended by the best guide books like Footprints, Le guide du routard and Lonely planet.

Tambo Viejo has nice, spacious, comfortable rooms with private bath and really beautiful mountain views, open areas for our guests with 2 sun terraces and a flower garden. Some areas are ideal for meditation.

Thanks for choosing Tambo Viejo.


What does TAMBO VIEJO mean??

TAMBO During the Inka empire tambos were used by the inka messengers (chasquis) as a shelter for the night when they travelled, bringing news from the coast to the Andes. The tambos were also used to store products like corn, dry potatoes, inca rice or quinoa and other products.

VIEJO means old in spanish. Old for us means a place with warm atmosphere, friendly and with a touch of comfort, like at home.

Tambo Viejo guesthouse = Comfortable place to stay and meet interesting people, who share the same passion: "travelling"

How to find us?

Please note that our address is correct (Av. Malecon Socabaya 107 or Mariscal Caceres 107). Unfortunately Google maps didn't update the streetnames and shows a wrong location when using the street names. Sometimes it's also showing a district called Socabaya which is located far from the city center. We are located within 6 blocks from the cathedral.
Top marker: Plaza de Armas Arequipa

Bottom marker: Hostal Tambo Viejo

Grotere kaart weergeven

Photos by: P Cueva
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