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Arequipa offers you:

La Compania 1 La Compania 2
  • Interesting monuments and mummies.
  • petroglyphs of Toro Muerto & Dinosaur footprints
  • Andagua town and its 88 small volcanoes.
  • Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas and condors.
  • Nice pacific beaches. (Puerto Inca, Camana, Mollendo)
  • Trekking, biking, climbing.

Alpaca in the watermill of Sabandia Fountain on the plaza the armas of Arequipa


Arequipa City

"Welcome to the white colonial city of Arequipa"


  • Arequipa is located above 2325m. and has more than 600000 inhabitants. Enjoys a eternal spring, sunny weather almost the whole year. It has temperatures between the 20°C and 24°C during the day and at night it gets cooler.
  • The historic centre of this city has been built with white volcanic stone, called "sillar". In this soft stone it is easy to make drawings and it resists earthquakes quite well.
  • The gastronomic cuisine of Arequipa is delicious and a little bit spicy. Several typical restaurants are open every day, they also serve international food.
  • Arequipa is also called the Rome of Peru because it is a religious conservative town. It calls itself the independent republic.
  • Arequipa department produces rice, corn, beans, onions, garlic and potatoes. There are copper mines and a developed industry of alpaca wool.
Picaflor in Chiguata Typical chombas in the watermill of Sabandia

Department of Arequipa

Important places to visit:

  • Chala, Puerto Inca
  • Camana, nice coastal town with sandy beaches, great seafood and Chinese food. Don't forget to visit Quilca, a nice small fisher's town. The beaches between Camana and Quilca (about 40 minutes by bus) are beautifull, quiet and sometimes red, because of the many crabs. Other animals, you can find here are: pelicans, vultures, inca sterns, gulls, sea stars, sealions, etc.
Beach between Quilca and Camana Inca sterns between Quilca and Camana
  • Toro Muerto Petroglyfs
  • Lagoons of Mejia, bird watching
  • Cotahuasi canyon
Cotahuasi canyon Kiwicha plant Waterfall close to Pampamarca
  • Colca canyon
  • Andagua and the volcano valley




  • Arequipeños love to eat good and a lot of spicy food, drinking chicha de Jora(corn beer)
  • Bull fighting


Food and drinks

Adobo in Cayma Cuy. Prepared in different ways in Peru
In Arequipa every day has a typical menu.
Monday, Chaque (soup with potatoes, vegetables and meat)
Tuesday, Chairo (small potatoes, meat, pumpkin, broad beans, wheat)
Woensday, Chochoca (Peers, lamb meat)
Tuesday, Caldo de Lomos (white soup, with chicken, rice, dry potatoes)
Friday, Chupe de camarones (soup of gambas, with potatoes, milk, cheese)
Saturday, Timpusca
Sunday, Adobo (spicy soup with onions, chicha and meat of pig)


****Top Dishes***

  • Adobo
  • Rocoto relleno
  • Pastel de papa
  • Chupe de camarones
  • Rachi de panza
  • Tamales
  • Ocopa Arequipena



  • Queso Helado
  • Pastel de Choclo
  • Alfajores
  • Buñuelos



  • Diana
  • Chicha de Jora,

Photos by: P Cueva
Copyright ©P Cueva, R Los 2014