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Room rates (except special days):

Room prices

Single with bath S/. 75
Double with bath S/. 85 - Garden room S/. 95
Triple with bath S/. 120

Prices are in Nuevos Soles (S/.). Home breakfast and bus pick up are included if arrival details are known with anticipation.

For any questions, please call to +51-946541485 or +51-54-288195.

* Rates for special days on request. Special days are bank holidays (christmas, new year, easter, independance days: 27, 28, 29 of July, aniversary of Arequipa: 13, 14, 15 of August) and international events (mining conference: 2nd week of september).
** IGV and airport pick up are not included.

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Matrimonial with bath: Nr of rooms:
Triple with bath: Nr of rooms:
Dormitory with bath: Nr of beds:
Multiple rooms on request

Transfers to the hotel?

Would you like to be picked up from the airport? (S/. 35 per 1-3 persons) No Yes
Arriving from:
Departure date/time:
Arrival date/time:

Would you like to book any of these tours?

Colca tour (2 days/ 1 night by bus): No Yes
Colca trekking (3 days/ 2 nights): No Yes
Colca trekking (2 days/ 1 night): No Yes
Short on time? We recommend:  
Colca tour (2 days / 1 night) with a tourist bus from Chivay to Puno (or viceversa) making some interesting stops on the way. No Yes
Colca tour (1 day) No Yes
Misti climbing (5822m): No Yes
Chachani climbing (6075m): No Yes
How did you hear from us?:

Additional remarks:

Please check if your email address is filled in and correct!


  • Check in time 12 pm - check out time 11 am.
  • Special rates for long-term and monthly stays (Please check: Long stays)
  • Special rates for large groups
  • Nationals have to pay 18% tax
      Approximate exchange rates S/. (Peruvian Soles):
      S/. 3.70 = EUR 1
      S/. 3.25 = USD 1

      10% discount for SAE members.

      Please do not listen to the recommendations of your friendly taxidriver. He is only interested in the commission they will get in the hotels he is offering to you (up to half of your roomrate!). To demotivate you about staying with us, he will say:

      • it's too far from the city center (we are located 5 blocks from the main square)
      • the area is dangerous (the area is not dangerous)
      • our place is dirty (we are rated as one of the cleanest places on several websites)
      • it's expensive (our prices are competitive)
      • it's noisy (Arequipa has become a noisy and chaotic city. Especially due to the traffic. (Inside the Tambo Viejo you will find a peacefull place. Especially in the garden.)

      Tambo Viejo residential guesthouse
      Avenida Mariscal Caceres 107 (Continuation of Avenida Salaverry)
      City center
      Arequipa - Peru
      Tel: +51-54-288195
      Cel: +51-946541485
      E-mail: room@tamboviejo.com

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