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Climbing "el Misti" volcano

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Climbing the Misti in 2 days

We leave at 8:00am with a four wheel drive in the direction of the village Chiguata. Before we reach the village, we take a path that takes us to an altitude of 3400m. above sea level. This trip takes about one hour. From this point we start to walk to the base camp at 4500m. This climb takes about 5 hours.

The next day we reach the top at 5825 after a walk of 5 or 6 hours with just a small day-pack. At the top you can enjoy the view and take some pictures of the crater before we go down to the base camp in about 1½ hours. In the base camp, we will eat something, collect our things and continue our descend to the point where our transportation is waiting for us. This will take an other 1½ hour. Then we drive back to Arequipa.

General information

This 2 day tour includes:

  1. Transportation
  2. Guide
  3. All meals
  4. Tents
We recommend you to bring:
  1. At least 4 liters of water (including 1 liter for cooking)
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Flash light
  4. Gloves
  5. Hat (with protection for your ears)
  6. Several layers of warm clothes
  7. Two pairs of socks
  8. Sun block
  9. Mountain boots

The price per person for groups of minimum 3 persons is 180 soles in the low season. We use experienced guides, that know these mountains well. For some mountains like the Ampato, Coropuna and most of the time the Chachani special safety measures are required. In this case we always use a well trained (official mountain) guide.

The Misti, Picchu Picchu, Ubinas and Chachani in the dry season however are "easy" to climb and don't need any special precautions. For these mountains we can organise a tour for you with licensed (official mountain guide) or unlicensed (but experienced and qualified) guides.

For more information or to climb the Misti with us, send us an email to room@tamboviejo.com


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