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Climbing Volcanoes around Arequipa

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Misti Ampato

Picchu Picchu Ubinas

Mismi Coropuna


Climbing volcanoes

We offer arrangements for:

The volcanoes in the Arequipa region are not too difficult when it comes to technical climbing, but it's important to get used to the altitude. The Chachani is probably even one of the easiest peaks over 6000m. Most volcanoes are dead or sleeping, but the Ubinas is one of the most active volcanoes in South America.

Rock Climbing

For those who prefer some technical work without the altitude, snow and ice should try some rock climbing in the skirts of the Misti. Good for a couple of hours fun. You can make it as difficult as you like. Some of our official mountain guides also have a passion for rock climbing and assist you well between the dusty, steep walls of lavastone. Of course you will be well secured with decent equipment.

Mountain biking

Apart from climbing, the volcanoes also provide you some nice routes for mountainbiking. Whether you prefer a long ride downhill or rather have some excercise during some relaxed climbs, everything is possible in Arequipa.

Our Mountain biking tours:

  • Downhill Chachani
  • Misti/ Chiguata countryside
  • "Standard" countryside tour Arequipa

For more information on the volcanoes, rock climbing or mountain biking, send us an email to room@tamboviejo.com

To make a booking, please send us an email to room@tamboviejo.com with your aproximate dates, whether you are used to the altitude and your experience in the mountains. If it matters, also let us know if you prefer a private climb or if you want to join a group.

The Misti and Chachani are the most popular mountains to climb and prices are already low and therefor fixed. For all others we can give you a discount of 5% if you climb 2 volcanoes with us. For three or more volcanoes excluding Misti and Chachani we can give you a discount of 10%.

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